Greg’s diary: summary, and everything you need to know

Jeff Kinney’s Greg’s Diary chronicles the experiences of Gregg Heffley as a freshman in middle school. Although self-absorbed and generally a brat, Greg’s actions were surprising when he took on the curse of the dreaded Cheese Touch to save his friend’s reputation.

El diario de Greg

Summary of Greg’s Diary

The novel begins with Greg Heffley getting ready for his first day of high school, when his older brother, Rodrick, teases him about their mother’s school supplies. Greg also has a spoiled little brother called Manny, who gets everything he wants and never gets into trouble. His father Frank does not approve of Greg’s video game playing lifestyle.

El diario de Greg

On his first day at school, Greg is forced to sit with the school nerd Fregley, whom he tries to keep away. He is unsure if his friend Rowley Jefferson will fit in because he thinks he is immature. To increase his popularity, Greg and Rowley decide to join the wrestling team, but Greg quits after losing a match to Fregley.
El diario de Greg

On Halloween, Greg and Rowley go trick-or-treating but are harassed by teenagers who spray them with a fire extinguisher. Greg threatens them by telling them he will call the police, but the teenagers start to chase them. Greg and Rowley hide in Greg’s grandmother’s house until the teenagers leave. If you want to read a horror book, I recommend The Shadow Over Innsmouth.La sombra sobre Innsmouth.

El diario de Greg

During the Christmas holidays, Gregg and Rowley decided to play a game in which Rowley had to ride his bike while Greg tried to knock him out. During the game, one of Greg’s balls went under the front wheel, causing Rowley to fall and break his arm. When he returned to school in a cast, the girls started to babysit him, which made Greg jealous. I recommend reading The Odyssey.

One day, while walking home with the children, Greg decided to scare them by chasing them with a stick covered in worms. A neighbour contacted the school and told the headmaster about this habitual behaviour. The headmaster fired Rowley because Greg was wearing his safety patrol jacket and the name tag the neighbour saw was Rowley’s. Greg wanted to come out and tell the truth. Greg wanted to come out and tell the truth, but he did not. It was only after a while that Greg confessed, and Rowley was hurt and broke his friendship with him.

El diario de Greg

The Halloween teens were back, this time forcing Greg and Rowley to eat some cheese that had been left on the floor. He said he couldn’t because he was allergic to lactose and he might die if he ate it. The teenagers left when Rowley ate the cheese. Greg and Rowley worked out their problems and made plans to spend the whole summer holiday playing games.

Characters from Gregg’s Diary

-Greg Heffley: Greg is the main character of the novel and is a troubled kid about to start high school. He likes to play video games and sleep instead of playing sports, much to his father’s dismay. He befriends Rowley Jefferson at school. If you want to read about the Third Reich, I recommend My Struggle.

-Rowley Jefferson: Rowley is Greg’s best friend and Greg considers him immature. He is a loyal friend to Greg and is always willing to do what Greg tells him to do. Rowley goes on holiday, which Greg finds annoying.

El diario de Greg

-Manny Heffley: Manny is Greg’s younger brother and is very spoiled. He doesn’t get in trouble for anything and gets what he wants. He’s only three years old, but he’s very lucky to get what he wants.

Rodrick Heffley: Rodrick is Greg’s older brother and constantly bullies and teases Greg. He is known in the book to be a bit of a rebel and is part of a gang called the Löded Diper. He is always trying to embarrass Greg.

Editing of Greg’s diary

The book was written by Kinney after it was well received as an online hit on FunBrain in 2004 and then published in print. The author wrote the book to explore the problems of a child starting middle school. Kinney’s creation was well received by critics and fans alike and won the Blue Book Award in 2012. I recommend reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban

El diario de Greg

Greg’s diary the film

The book was so successful that a film was made in 2017, but it only tells one part of the diary, when they go on a trip to visit his grandmother, but he goes with the aim of entering a video game tournament.

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