The Owl That Couldn’t Hoot: Summary, and all you need to know

The Owl Who Couldn’t Hoot is a book designed to teach us how to find our inner selves. And to teach us the value of friendship. Join me in discovering this wonderful story.

Summary of The Owl Who Couldn’t Hoot

The authors who edited this book, Robert Fisher and Beth Nelly, did so to remind us that we were once children. And that growing up has left us behind.

It is about an owl and a duck who talk to each other, but do not understand each other because of their different languages, and a butterfly who wants to live what she has left, experiencing and making the most of the extremes of the day she has left to live. A little dog who is afraid of everything, and a cuckoo who likes to imitate the way a bird sings. You will be interested in the story of the knight in rusty armour.

The owl had problems because he couldn’t sing his song, “Who” only came out as “Whi”, and the duck couldn’t say “Quack” but “Quic”. When they grew up, they both wanted to study medicine, but they realised that it was a lot of work and they needed a lot of things that they couldn’t get because it was so difficult, so they decided to get a job, but they realised that people were boring, they only saw them happy when they got paid and went out to spend it.

One person mentioned to them that the simple fact that they loved each other for being who they were was more than enough and that there was no more work than that. That they should be happy, that they were unique because they were different, that they should not feel excluded because they did not make the sounds they were supposed to make, on the contrary, he encouraged them to go out into the world and integrate into it as they were.

Their friendship was what mattered most and was worth gold, the simple fact of being together made them indestructible and they would reap what they longed for. I invite you to see a self-help and motivational book The Cat Who Found God.

Characters from The Owl who couldn’t hoot

  • The Owl
  • The duck
  • The Butterfly
  • The Cuckoo
  • The dog
  • The cricket

Analysis of The Owl Who Couldn’t Hoot

First of all, we see how a society rejects someone just because they are different. Or because their abilities are very different from those of others. Talking about the owl and the duck. It tries to make us see that sometimes you want to join a certain group of people and their circle, but to do that you have to change and not be yourself in order to be accepted.

When we go into the field of our work, we see how the bosses of higher ranks do not allow their employers to emerge on their own initiative, on the contrary, we have to listen to everything they tell us. If they do not, they humiliate and demotivate them in their work. In many cases, this leads to resignation.

The book The Owl and the Duck gave them a great moral. “Never stop being yourself, be very original without imitating anyone, because almost nobody is different, try to be very original”. I invite you to see a book of horror, The Hammer of Witches.

Therefore, regardless of our limitations, each one of us is special and we can achieve whatever we want as long as we set our minds to it. Let’s break the mould and let our way of life be free and unique.

Moral of the owl that could not hoot

It teaches us to recognise what we are afraid of, what worries us and what we doubt. It is a book that helps us to reflect. The lesson it leaves us with is very simple and very clear: we must rejoice in love so that we don’t have the opportunity to hate anyone. Something that is simple but that we sometimes forget.

el búho que no podía ulular

Knowing that we all come from the same place and that God guides us all equally, that we should not have differences among ourselves but love each other, that we should leave no room for evil. To try to be different, not to imitate anyone, but to make everything we do unique. That the things we live today will not come back tomorrow.

To know that friendship is gold, a thing that has no limit. They are the ones we can always count on, and they will never leave us. They are the ones who cheer us up when we are sad and make us believe in ourselves again even when we have lost our way. I invite you to see a book of young adult literature that Veronika decides to die.

el búho que no podía ulular

Review of The Owl Who Couldn’t Hoot

A book full of positivism and teaching. Everything written is an inspiration to help us grow. To live life to the fullest. To live freely. To not let the negative things of others influence our lives. And to know how to trust.

I invite you to watch a video of the film The Owl Who Couldn’t Hoot

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